Avi Goldman

Hey, I'm Avi 👋

Around 8 months ago I started a new venture on my own. Now I spend my time creating Parcel, the code editor built for email development. You can follow me Twitter.

I hope you're having a good day ❤️


Parcel in progress

The code editor built for email development.

Can I Scrape complete

Can I Scrape is a tool to check if robots are allowed to crawl and index web pages.

Happy Sending complete

A podcast mini-series that talks about all things email, covering topics that span across why email exists and why we care about it, why you actually send, who you send to, how mailbox providers see you (authentication), and the future of email 💌

Glitch Extension complete

A chrome extension that makes it a bit easier to remix glitch apps, import code from git, or start fresh.

Lightspeed Media complete

A bookmarklet to speed up any video or audio on the web with a single click.

Dangerous Subjects complete

Preview your subject before you send to catch unfortunate subjects that your subscribers might see.

Every so often I'll send an update about something new I've created.