Avi Goldman

I work remotely from Atlanta building digital tools and products.




Half-baked ideas that Iā€™d like to get to in the future.

  • Monospace

    Uncomplicated notes app, always with you.

  • Protect My List

    Free email validation service. Paid double opt-in management.

  • Holiday cards

    Easily send holiday cards with pre-made designs and reuse the list over and over again

  • [No name]

    No-code tool. Automate repeated tasks. Trigger from your existing infrastructure. Developer friendly.

  • Mask

    Protect your email address, phone number, credit card, and more.

  • Hidden Meanings

    A coffee table book about road signs and information they encode.

  • Purpose

    Give your inbox purpose. Find the right message, at the right time. Make your inbox work for you.

  • Lockbox

    Secure your digital assets for your loved ones after you pass.

  • My Recipes Book

    Never lose that perfect recipe.

  • Changelog microservice