Hey there 👋 I'm Avi.

I'm a Developer Advocate over at SparkPost. I spend my time thinking about email and how to improve it. Reach me on Twitter and lets get coffee.

About Me

Now: I'm working on revamping the SparkPost Developer Hub.

A long time ago I hailed from Florida. More recently, I lived in Baltimore and College Park. Now I rent a place in San Francisco.

I started my career as a freelance WordPress developer. Afterward, I interned for UMBC and UMD. The next summer, during my internship at SparkPost, I fell in love with the messy world of email and I've been there ever since.

I really like events (although I always need a nap after). I've helped start a hackathon and a local #emailgeeks meetup.

Want to talk? Shoot me an email.


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